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the drill. >>> welcome to the heart of american manufacturing. coming to you from the ford f-150 plant in deerborn, michigan. who says we don't make anything anymore? we got to talk to the man himself, ford ceo, mr. malali, it is a privilege and pleasure to be here. another memorable "mad money" moment on the road at ford, which you know i think is bottoming right here. you know, i want to thank the people at the plant for all your hospitality. right now our eighth anniversary celebration continues. after this market's remarkable ten-day winning streak, what can you really actually buy right now without feeling like a chump for chasing a stock that's already run up a lot? how about a big pharma company with a big 3.9% yield? a heck of a lot better than treasuries after the tax benefits. it's been left behind by the rest of its cohort. i can't believe i'm talking about this one because it's so far behind. i'm talking about one of the great american companies, merck, mrk, the pharmaceuticals giant that's stumbled more times in the last few months than a college kid on st. paddy's day. si
. this is the henry ford argument. >> you need businesses that are profitable. the reason henry ford raised his own minimum wage by $5 is fords were making a lot of money. the problem today is, business won't even spend the money they've got. they are worried about this kind of government interference. you can't not tell me if you want a $22 minimum wage, currently minimum wage is $7.25. you're going to raise unemployment because these teenagers will never get a job. their skills aren't worth it. >> 90% of people making minimum wage are 20 years older and above. this isn't affecting teenagers. >> if they are unskilled, why pay for it? >> massachusetts and vermont have lower unemployment rates. look at arizona that have low minimum wage. they have the highest unemployment rates. the facts don't stack up for this argument. >> there are some people think government should make those decisions and some people, maybe the local owner of an autoship dealer should set the price. >> really? >> look at the national numbers. >> get to the moral argument. >> let me go back to this point. these kids, half can't
surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. >>> the president is expected to fill a key cabinet post today. labor secretary. his choice assistant attorney general tom perez. you're looking at live pictures. he'll play an important role as the administration takes on immigration reform. we'll take you live to the white house as this gets under way. this big announcement. >>> the republican party has brand new marching orders from a new report from the rnc just released this morning on what went wrong in the 2012 election. it's time to follow the ideas of the nation's 30 republican governors and to modernize the message to people who are too young to have ever voted for ronald reagan. they're also going to implement a $10 million minority outreach program. and to that point, you might want to check out this brand new pew poll finding that 62% of americ
holding this in your hand. >> guest: this is a v6 ford engine block, and ford sent this to us. and you can actually download this on our web site. and it's the real model for an actual six-cylinder engine that i scaled down and made on my makerbot with pla on a rep replicator 2. i'm a total gearhead, so i love this model. i just love engines. but i never knew, you know, i've taken engines apart and put them back together, but i've never seen the inside of an engine. it's made out of iron, right? by making it on my makerbot, i got to see all the different places where all the coolant goes and how they keep that separate from the oil. getting a makerbot is also an education in how things are made in the manufacturing process and in the world around us. >> host: are you the inventer? >> guest: you can blame me.
and four ttds. >> the silver and black need to find player ford carson palmer to throw to. >> le another new winner on tour. kevin streelman finely -- finally finds the inwewinner circle. great round for boo weekly, 8-under 63. he round of the week. his approach on 16, inches from the cup. he was the leader going goo clubhouse. streelman, tied for the lead. third hole. trying to get close for bird. on lane, drains it. on 17, steel money, -- streelman, one-stroke lead, he is up two, and boo weekly knows it's over. his first win in 153 chances. gets him into the masters for the second time in his career. >> world baseball classic underway at at&t. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> love the look of the giants green baseball caps. >> doesn't match but it's st. paddy's day. >> a bit of movie magic at the box office this weekend. how0s is -- >> join my tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. researchers say earthquake wases can turn water into gold, and the fight over immigration in the u.s. the bay area group who says they have the true road to citizenship. >>> bee
, his compensation package last year was nearly $23 million. in the automotive sector, ford ceo alan mulally took a pay cut but still made more than his peers at gm and chrysler with $21 million. and in a 25-year-long tradition, warren buffett still makes $100,000. time is running out to claim nearly a billion dollars in unclaimed tax refunds. the irs is sitting on the money left behind by close to a million americans who failed to file federal tax returns in 2009. april 15th is the deadline to file and claim the refund. still to come, from ponzi to prison: the inside scoup on how a florida lawyer fooled investors out of a billion dollars. but first, detroit isn't the only city facing a fiscal emergency. the other u.s. cities under pressure next with bill moller, after this "in the know" message. now we have the future and the fortunes of detroit, michigan, handed over to a bankruptcy lawyer. detroit may be in the worst shape financially, but plenty of other cities are in serious financial stress too. is detroit just the first domino to fall? let's talk with brian battle. he is the d
anything. i never thought about it, but when people ask me, you have to be so clever. >> tom ford made a movie, so why not you? >> because my brain is not that sure. you have to think about so many things. truly, it is a big work. you have to be strong. you have to take care also of the physiology of the actor which is, like, oh, my god. you can be depressed. also, you see the depression of everybody. i do not want it. i have enough of my own. >> i hope you will be sharp enough to answer the questions the audience has for you. rather like the academy awards. [applause] these questions have come through on various means. can we have the first question? >> the first question -- i am going to compile a group -- a lot of people are asking what is currently inspiring new? from different cultures, the internet, textile design -- what exciting things are you seeing in contemporary textile design? and what are you reading? >> definitely, that is very sad, but i have not enough time to read. that is the very sad part. so i'm not enough reading, but i'm getting older and getting closer. now that
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recently visited the center in ford, and i'm sure he shares my view that they did fantastic job of helping disabled people people committee more effectively. what guarantees cathe prime minister give that communication aids will be able to more young people that is currently the case to everyone who could benefit to do so? >> i'm really grateful to my honorable friend for raising this issue, because the center which has been now in my constituency briefly in oxford has done incredible work for people with disabilities over many years. they are making the most of extraordinaire changes in technology. when i visited them recently we look at hold draft of ways which we to make sure the nhs is making these things available to more people and a very committed to working with him and the center to make sure that happens. >> russell brown. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. prime minister conjugated promise to protect and defend budget in its entirety. that you didn't. the defence secretary who promised to balance the budget at the national audit office said he failed. prime minister, will you
to a standstill. sales of new cars and home appliances plunged. in september, president gerald ford asked congress to join him in a battle against inflation. my first priority is to work with you to bring inflation under control. inflation is domestic enemy number one. schoumacher: the federal reserve was also committed to fighting inflation and, under the chairmanship of arthur burns, held to a policy of keeping money tight. robert c. holland served on the fed's policy-making board of governors. when the federal reserve wants to fight inflation, wh it does is provide funds -- basic funds we call reserves, funds to the banking system -- less fast than bank customers are asking for money and credit to finance the kind of spending they're trying to do in this inflationary period. that means banks have to hold back a bit in terms of the amount they lend, may have to sell some assets, sell some securities to adjust. that puts a little more restraint on borrowers, they don't get quite as much money. banks typically charge higher interest rates. those higher interest rates lead borrowers and investors o
." a lot of talker around "star wars," particularly the old cast, harrison ford, luke hamel, carrie fisher. are they going to reunite? >> we haven't made any official announcement right now. we have a team working on the film right now. j.j. abrams is going to direct it. we have a writer who is actually writing the script, working with some of the folks that were involved in some of the earlier films. and when the story is quote/unquote broken, then we'll make decisions about the cast and move from there. >> what can you tell us about what is going on now in terms of advertising, in terms of the business climate? i guess the up-front period is beginning for some parts of media this week. do you have any vision that you could talk to us about in terms of advertising? how does the year look? >> we don't have a lot of visibility. it's been that kind of a market for a long time. i will say that the year has been fairly good. there is a fair amount of demand from advertisers for advertising time. and it's certainly a good sign. we've seen that fairly steady, at least since the beginning of the
when he tried to city on the jury ford-whit house after nixon resigned, but in any case, there i was on that show. in 1984 and after that, it led to you know being asked to be on television other shows and ultimately becoming a regular in 1988 ob the mclaughlin group. >> what impact did the mclaughlin group program have on this city? from the be zeng. >> well, you know, mclaughlin was genius for television. he could be a very difficult gy to get along with personally, although, i got along with him pretty well, but it was so much faster, and it was -- what it tried to get and succeeded a lot were the more candid outspoken views of people in journalism in washington and not just what they write. it was, and very fast moving, extremely opinionated, and you know, washington just had not seen anything quite like that. now we see a lot of that now particularly with cable news and so on, but mclaughlin groups with a breakthrough and so many people, brian, over the years that have written or said or asked me about it, that somehow they believe, and i don't, but they believe that the who
states lived here for a week and have and what happened at that time as gerald ford, who served as vice president became president when next-gen resigned. it happened very quickly at the time for the families living in alexandria they had been living there for 20 years. .. >> when world war ii hit, a lot of men had to go serve in the war, and some officers went and served in the war, so pretty soon there was a need for women to start working in the department. and that's really when they hired their first secretary. the first women were civilians who were indoors. in the early 1950s, they wanted to free up police officers for more important things than school crossings, and so the department hired women to serve as crossing guards. with this group of women, there were three who were african-american, and not only was it the first time women were in uniform representing the agencies, it was the first time people of color were in uniform representing the alexandria police department. and the alexandria million polie department was one of the earliest agencies to use k-9s in police work, t
, i often go back to a great old quote by henry ford who said, "those who think they can and those who think they can't are both right." this is within our power. we have waited, however, a long time to really engage this issue and to get started. and unfortunately, and this is actually a core american value, it goes back to the founding of this country and it goes back to benjamin franklin, one of the leading lights of that time, who said, and every american knows this, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." a little action now is going to forestall much greater -- the need for much greater action later. and that's exactly the nature of this problem, is that if we delay -- if we wait until we've reached three and four degrees, it's too late. at that point the climate system is locked. it's a massive system. the heat is already in earth's system, it's absorbed in the oceans, it's being absorbed by the ice systems. it's in the atmosphere, there is no magic vacuum cleaner that's going to suddenly pull the co2 out and bring our temperatures back to what we consider normal. so
and president ford and president carter signed bills which gave us more privacy. and it's the patriot act that undermines some of the privacy that was a post-watergate phenomenon. so for a lot of people it look like we were going back to that period that we really didn't really like, when presidents could do this willy-nilly. >> one of the things i was trying to do in this book was not to focus on watergate. because that territory is owned by so many reporters and so on. i thought nixon was in public life or '50s in this country and i thought there were so many other interesting things to look at. >> and you proved that. >> i just think, there was no point taking him around on that 11 more time. >> the one thing that's interesting is this the same man. that's the question. >> it's a very interesting question. >> and here's the problem, which is that we have, we have almost everything this man did and he was in the white house, from 1971, february 71 until july of 73. imagine your life under that type of microscope. there's nothing like that for him as vice president. the only bits and pie
. looking at the republican side, tell me that mark san ford didn't get his former wife to be his campaign manager. >> it was out there but that did not take place. that did not happen. but mark sanford is the leading gop contender. >> no comment on that. jonathan capehart, thank you very much. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." and i'll be traveling. join us this wednesday and thursday live from israel as we travel to cover president obama and secretary kerry in the middle east. remember to follow the show online and on twitter @mitchell reports. and craig melvin has a look at what's next. >> safe travels to you by the way. in the next hour, more of the gop autopsy as more of the minority outreach, better technology, short he primary season and fewer debates. are all those things the answer for when republicans win back the white house? or are the policies holding us back? >>> also the search for the missing teacher. we'll talk to her mother and sister about the massive effort to bring her home. all of that and lots more coming up right now on "news nation." this
's negative news over europe. i think if you focus on the u.s., ford can go higher. >> stevesteven, you get the fin trade. >> gold, the move that we saw today it was a fear move, emotional trade as we saw the averages recover p. and we saw. even the euro start to recover and dollar trade back down. i think it's going to trade goal and get it back below 1600 and all the technical analysts out there that -- which i don't agree protecting the trade, the whole 1600, now capitulate. >> about to be short gold. what's amazing to me is we are 24 hours away from a meet that is pretty important and no one even mentioned it today. >> that's true. >>> what do you think, close positive today? happened during the show, it went positive. >> just missed. >> watch "power lunch". >> encouraging we're not down 100. >> it's great. >> all right. that does it for us. don't forget to catch more "fast money" at 5:00 p.m. tonight. >>> whoever just said watch "power lunch" is clearly an inintelligent individual. a is our cnbc euro alert graphics package. we don't want to scare you but we do want to get your attentio
. that is micro targeting. ford, a former head of the council, he has said, of course, obama had a powerful message, but he was also able to find voters in places like colorado and florida that have not been found before, and we will have to emulate that if we want to have success. lastly, there is one thing we have to worry about. we are seeing an attempt to change the rules of the game. it is not just micro targeting. it is an effort to obliterate the voter registration we have. all of the liberal groups are trying to push for something called mandatory voter registration. this would be a disaster. course, we have an antiquated voter registration system. -- of course, we have an antiquated voter registration system. someve many that are dead, registered in more than one state, and the way to fix that is not to throw away a whole registration system and take everyone from a driver's license list, everyone from a welfare lists, everyone from a property owner's list -- everyone from a welfare list, everyone from a 's list. owner comef this is going to together this november because we have o
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congress and president ford and then president carter signed the bills which gives us more privacy and it's the patriot act that undermines some of the privacy the was a post watergate phenomenons of for a lot of people looked like we were going back to that period that we didn't really liked before watergate when the president could do this willy-nilly. >> it's not to focus on watergate it's that territory is owned by so many reporters. i thought there were so many interesting things to look at. there is no point in taking him around on at. >> one thing that is interesting is it the same man? that is the question. and here is the problem, we have almost everything this man did when he was in the white house from february of 71 to july of 73. imagine your life under that kind of microscope. there is nothing like that for him as vice president. and the only bits and pieces of his diary are those that have appeared in his memoir. so, the inner next-gen of the fifties is not accessible in the materials that we have. >> a lot of his available if you go into the patterns and find the notes he
gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. new griddle-melts to yourime usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. >>> college basketball selection sunday in the books. now it's time to fill out those brackets. hi, andy. >> according to yahoo! survey, it takes fans about an average of 75 minutes to fill out their bracket. i already have 40 minutes invested into this one right here. i'm probably going to go a little longer than that 75-minute average. yesterday championship week wrapped up with four games. one of those being the acc title game between miami and north carolina. the hurricanes would come out on top to win the acc for the first time in school history. it still wasn't enough to earn them a one seed in the big dance. miami will be a two seed in the east region. louisville is the number one overall seed in the tournament. the other one se
?" "open sesame" "the all new twenty thirteen ford escape. it's what happens when you go further." in our homes, our minds. we can share every second in data dressed as pixels. a billion roaming photojournalists... uploading the human experience. and it is spectacular. so why would you cap that? my iphone 5 can see every point of view... every panorama, the entire gallery of humanity. i need to upload all of me. i need, no, i have the right to be unlimited. only sprint offers truly unlimited data... for iphone 5. >>> spouses late for dinner. the teenager stays out all night. an awful, sinking feeling when a loved one is out of touch. usually, of course, everything rights itself, but not for the family of brittany tavar. in 2010 they found themselves stuck fast in the pergatory of missing persons. where families go to wait. for what, they do not know. >> you alternate between it's not real. it's really not happening, to having these terrible, terrible moments when you realize that something irreversible has happened. >> brittany's two little dogs had been found abandoned by the side of the
for the j.p. morgans of the ford. if you fear cyprus, why where will you go? geneva, london or new york? >> it went to 38 last week. i thought it should be at 36. banco santander. those are the natural runs and we always hear about that, look, you can craft any negative scenario you want. last may, we thought the spanish banks would go under, okay? i was speaking to you during the break. what was the single best investment after last may? what was the single best thing to buy? banco santander, but we forget that and we decide they're just a bunch of jockers again. let's start all over. francisco is still there. >> this will be a great test of the bull market run, won't it be, jim? you have the markets open and trading for the rest of the day. whether or not we bounce and whether or not the buyers will step into the weak, u.s. financial which is at pre-market trade are indicating more than 1% lower across the board. >> how can they be so aggressive. these things were up so huge last week and you buy them now and bernanke sneezes and you have the negative people who want this market down
on it and it was a pretty -- harold ford jr. the first time he met me on the floor what you're doing down in florida is land mark. what have you done and how did you get to it? i said i just went into the community. i didn't have to go vote for higher taxes or do these things that i was against idle lodeol y ideologically. >> what you did is called environmental justice. >> right. >> if you had gone to cpac and said words environmental justice, what sort of reception would you have gotten? it fi had gone to cpac and said you know what i did? i found 300 families that had been moved on top of a brown stone site, brown-filled site and their young children your reasoning around on a toxic waste dump and we had to get them out of there because government screwed up putting them there in the first place, i think i would have been just fine. >> people like the truth. even at cpac. >> i would say we cannot be -- what was the word? ravenus? >> we cannot be a ravenus party, my friend. >> exactly. eugene robinson, thank you. >> environmental justice. >> margaret, stay with us. still ahead. >> then i would castro. >>>
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)